The AlphaLink-Multimer manuscript is also in progress. We are pleased with the results. Enjoy a sneak peek at what's to come.

We and the @rbolab are excited to present AlphaLink a modified version of the AlphaFold2 protein structure prediction algorithm that can directly incorporate experimental residue-residue contact data from crosslinking MS (and potentially other techniques)!

We discovered a catalytic palladium-binding ribosomal peptide that can simultaneously generate two potent anticancer drugs from inactive precursors and take out lung cancer cells! The future of targeted prodrug therapy gets closer! @adambelsom @ana_aperezl

Happy to share our new preprint, "Protein Complexes in Bacillus subtilis by AI-assisted structural proteomics"!
Fantastic collaboration with the @JorgStulke lab!

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We gratefully acknowledge support by our funders especially the Wellcome Trust for their willingness to fund us when our vision was daring but the prospects of ever reaching our goals still far remote. We are also deeply indebted to Edinburgh for providing a very supportive research environment and many great colleagues for being the way they are. This allowed us to ultimately overcome the key challenges of our approach. We also thank the many gifted students of Biotechnology at the TU Berlin for their curiosity and interest in technology development and the TU Berlin for providing a space to tune and scale our approach.