In-cell Mycoplasma pneumoniae crosslinking network


M. pneumoniae in-cell crosslinking network.

The network reports on pairwise protein-protein interactions. Opening up the nodes reveals residue pairs (residues within 30 Å of each other). The network is a combination of 4 in-cell crosslinking datasets, 3 of which used DSS and one of which DSSO (O’ Reilly et al, Science 2020, Fig. S1a).

PDBs may be loaded via the Load-> PDB tab. The network is reported at a 5% residue pair-level and protein-protein interaction level FDR (false discovery rate).

All data are deposited in PRIDE  (ProteomeXchange) with identifiers PXD017711 (DSSO) and PXD017695 (DSS).

Integrative model of RNAP-NusA-ribosome complex deposited in PDB-Dev with ID PDBDEV_00000049.

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